.....and we're back

After a busy summer the herd gathered last night for a very nice evening of tea and 5 million biscuits hosted by (and thank you very much) one of our gang Paula Moen.

We also have the privilege of having one of our founding members and super talented artists Paula Mc Gloin return to the collective, so a big YAY there.
A great laugh was had chatting about toys we had as children and their names, games consoles and the merits of a crisp sambo, and of course the plans for our collective.

One such plan is to gather what people think are the lessons, good or bad, that we have learned since 1916. 
Get your thinking caps on and send your ideas in a message to us on our facebook page. 

We want to compile a list of the best 100 things we have learned. What will we be doing with them? Ahhhh no that would be telling. But it will be good.